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Business Intelligence by Design
Q. Do I need a monthly contract to secure services with Primary Domain?

A. No.  While Primary Domain does offer monthly service contracts, "per-transaction" rates are also offered. This allows an affordable
    alternative to data processing, forms and projects that may be necessary on an occasional basis.
Q.  How would Primary Domain benefit my business?

A.  Primary Domain is committed to delivering technology solutions that will reduce costs, increase revenues and improve business
     efficiency.  Our certified and degreed specialists stay current with the latest technology so that you can concentrate on your core
     business activities. A Primary Domain expert can help you, whether you need assistance with a specific software issue or need an
     office-wide application installed.
Q. How can I check the reliability and quality of Primary Domain's services?

A.  We will provide references of well-established businesses that depend on our services and solutions.
Q. Does Primary Domain offer specialized IT services?

A. Yes.  Primary Domain provides custom IT services, such as online/Web-based forms, Web-based reports, database design and
     hosted applications.  Please see the
Data Services section of our Website.